Thursday, April 19, 2007

Faith and Divine Guidance

I must have faith, at least in my map of Jerusalem. Even though it's failed me several times I still continue to rely on it, believing that it will ultimately redeem itself and guide me to where I need to go. Or maybe I'm just extremely stubborn, refusing to give up on the map and ask people for directions.

Unfurled, the map could cover a medium-sized table, so I usually have it folded to the relevant section. I hold it in one hand, much as one might carry an open paperback, occasionally glancing down at it to make sure I'm on track.

There are many other people walking around Jerusalem in a similar, but not exactly the same, posture. Unlike me, they are not tourists. They are religious Jews, traveling on foot while reading their prayerbooks. Unlike me, they walk confidently and rarely seem to glance up. They must be receiving divine guidance as they never seem to bump into anyone or anything.

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