Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ex-Post Passover Posting

Passover is over, at least in Israel. The diaspora still has another day of observance. And, I have to say, I'm a bit sorry to see it go. Being in Jerusalem during Passover felt a bit like being a kid in a candy store. With entire bakeries and cafes producing Kosher for Passover goodies, I wanted to sample everything, and I could have used some more time. Actually, a lot more time.

There was Kosher for Passover pizza (better in theory than in practice). And French crepes (not too shabby!). And cakes (not bad!). And special chocolates for the holiday (some quite good!). And sandwiches, even! (I had a smoked salmon one).

At home, I typically lose weight during this holiday, as my diet simplifies to fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, eggs and a small amount of matza. I treat the holiday as a spring cleansing for my insides and as a way to practice self-discipline (necessary when the non-Jewish world around you is still eating Dunkin' Donuts and going to cafes). Here, the holiday took on a much more festive feeling. Not only did I fail to exercise restraint, I engaged in a wee bit of gluttony, putting on the Passover pounds. It didn't help that I enjoyed three large festive dinners during the week, on top of all the holiday novelties I tried.

As we say at the end of each Seder, "Next Year in Jerusalem!" Indeed, I might have to come back in 2008 to continue my Passover culinary explorations.

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